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Planters on & Off The Ground 2012- Opening Night

It was a perfect night for the 5th installment of the Planters On & Off The Ground Show at the LongHouse Reserve. The show was really good this year with a very consistent collection of plant based installations. I will give you a tour through my eyes.

I caught a glimpse of my Bench #4 in use as I approached the planters. I love seeing that bench in use!


There was a great crowd. 260+ people filled out ballots for the peoples choice award. I am not sure if that is a record, but I cant remember more people at a Planters opening.


Nice to see my planter installation was being used as I had intended! I included two seats this year.


my son Wyatt on the left, my sister Mahan in the middle and my wife Elizabeth on the right!

My nice Lilah and nephew Gideon. They taught me that my stools were more comfortable 90° from what i had intended. A great discovery. Thanks!

Jack Lenor Larsen welcoming the crowd to the presentation of the awards.


My oldest son, Jasper after the awards ceremony.


Openings can be a bit much for a 5 year old and Wyatt was just about done.


Thanks to the LongHouse for a wonderful evening! The show will be on through the rest of the season.



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LongHouse Reserve: Planters On & Off The Ground 2012

I am happy to announce that I will be participating in the fifth installment of Jack Lenor Larsen’s Planters On & Off The Ground show at the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton NY. This is the 4th year that I have participated. As a result I have built up quite a collection of planters. I recently compiled all of my outdoor pieces into a digital catalog featuring seven benches, eight planters and two other major outdoor pieces. If anyone would like to see it please send me an email.

Planters On & Off The Ground      

Saturday June 23rd, 4:30-7pm

LongHouse Reserve 133 Hands Creek Road

East Hampton, NY

Open Wednesday and Saturday 2-5pm

July & August Wednesday through Saturday 2-5pm

Visit the LongHouse website and consider a membership if you frequent the East End

LongHouse_ON+OFF_V_2012_flyer.pdf (page 1 of 2).jpg

I will be showing a number of new pieces in the show:


I designed this concrete stool to be paired with an all concrete dining table. It seems like it would be equally at home in the garden.



Planter #7 is a Hypertufa trough. The material is a mix of portland cement, vermiculite, peat moss and sand. The mix is designed to mimic a volcanic rock that was used in europe to make carved animal troughs. People then began using them as planters, hence the need for a new material to satisfy the demand.



Planter #8 is made of cast concrete and Sapele wood. The Sapele verticals are fastened on to the concrete base with stainless steel cap screws.


I am very happy with the way the planters look with the plants in them. What fun!



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Dale Chihuly & LongHouse Reserve at 20

Photo Jul 16, 6 45 06 PM.jpeg

The White Hot and Blue 20th Anniversary celebration at the LongHouse Reserve was last night in East Hampton NY. Jack Lenor Larsen and the countless people who staged this event were favored with a perfect evening. Even the weather cooperated!

The event started off in a unique way with performers from the Big Apple Circus scattered around the grounds. We were greeted by this performer as we entered the garden.


Philanthropist Barbara Slifka was honored by the LongHouse Reserve. The Principals from the New York City Ballet made the journey east to perform in celebration of Barbara and her generosity over the years. Ballet in the open air was a real treat!


The highlight for me was the Dale Chihuly installation of Blue and Purple Boat, 2006. I had been approached by the team at the longhouse about moving my bench so that it would have a better relationship to the floating sculpture. I made my way over to the LongHouse in about 5 minutes to move my bench! Here are the results.

Bench #4 with Dale Chihuly Purple and Blue Boat, 2006

Photo Jul 16, 6 44 45 PM.jpeg

Photo Jul 16, 6 45 06 PM.jpeg

Photo Jul 16, 7 15 19 PM.jpeg

From the LHR about Dale Chihuly:

Creative genius, Dale Chihuly (b. 1941), is the most innovative and influential American artist working in glass today.  Introduced to the medium while studying interior design at the University of Washington, Chihuly is the quintessential force behind the movement to change the very dimension and definition of blown glass into a large-scale art form. He revolutionized the oeuvre from solo studio-glass practitioner to that of using a collaborative team to help him produce his work. His dramatic and colorfully amorphous art forms attract a world-wide audience.

Photo Jul 16, 6 38 26 PM.jpeg

Photo Jul 16, 6 37 47 PM.jpeg

I hope that my mirror sold at the auction! Thanks you LongHouse for a fabulous evening!

Photo Jul 16, 6 46 50 PM.jpeg

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