Proteus Candleholders: Magnetic Variation


Proteus Candleholders
Sapele, Cast Concrete and Aluminum – small, medium & large

The Proteus candleholders are designed to magnetically attract into small clusters, large centerpieces or can be displayed as individual pieces. The magnetic “click” is a curiosity and will engage you in the dance of fining the right orientation of the holders for them to attract. The hiders are sold in matched pairs in small, medium or large size. Each pair is comprised of a positive and a negative holder. the magnets are placed at right angles to one another on the flat faces of the holders. The video below will demonstrate this better than I can with words. The magnetic bond is not enough to permanently hold them together, but rather, helps to encourage the look of the composition.

Some of the most dramatic centerpieces evolve when groups of three are “connected” and the remaining ones are spread out as individuals. The possibilities are endless and I have not even mentioned the candles yet! Each holder comes with a removable aluminum ring. Leave the ring in place when using a tall candle. By the way great care was taken to match the most common candle taper. I hate wobbly candles! Remove the aluminum ring and you can now use a tea candle.

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Nico YektaiBy Nico Yektai -
New York based designer/maker Nico Yektai opened the doors to his Hamptons studio in 1995 after completing the MFA program at the School For American Craft at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The rigorous technical training complimented his background in Art History, which he studied, at Hobart College in Geneva NY. Yektai has synthesized this background into a singular style that has gained him national attention. Visit for more information

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