Planter #9- Wedge shaped cement and wood containers

I recently completed two versions of the new Planter #9. The name correctly implies that these are the ninth installment in the ongoing series of creative garden containers. This composition revolves around the notion of delicacy. Cement board has allowed me to replicate the look of concrete in a very thin package. The result is a pair of planters that terminate at acute points creating a dialogue unlike any of my previous offerings. The rest of the composition erupts into two very different containers. One is long and low and gently gets taller. The other is not as long but it erupts in a curved thrust to a much higher altitude. Together the pair move the eye from one end to the other bridging the gap between them.

I should mention that the wooden corners serve to connect the disparate materials together and they become an essential part of the visual composition. Needless to say i have taken the opportunity to introduce tremendous variation into the woodwork through the use of my signature shifting and faceting.

Planters #9 in construction

Planters #9 in the Southampton Press






Nico YektaiBy Nico Yektai -
New York based designer/maker Nico Yektai opened the doors to his Hamptons studio in 1995 after completing the MFA program at the School For American Craft at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The rigorous technical training complimented his background in Art History, which he studied, at Hobart College in Geneva NY. Yektai has synthesized this background into a singular style that has gained him national attention. Visit for more information

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