• The gallery's most monumental room presents examples of creative furniture by Nico Yektai. A corner table blurs the boundaries between art and function and takes on a bit of a conceptual thrust by sculpturing its own angled wall in dark toned verticals of uneven height.
    The New York Times July 23 2000, Phyllis Braff

  • Nico Yektai, the lone sculptor of the bunch, who makes well-crafted, playfully abstract furniture in natural wood. His take on a chaise lounge with it broad swaths of bentwood like sweeping brushstrokes...
    Newsday May 30 1999, Hilarie M. Sheets is a contributing editor at ARTnews.

  • Nico Yektai’s work lies somewhere between furniture and sculpture. One of his works, a wood screen over 8 feet tall, sits in the middle of one of the galleries. By using diagonal lines and open planes on six panels. the artist evokes Gothic architecture as well as Eastern interior design A chance for discovery in Guild Halls 24/7 May 27

    Southampton Press 1999 Erica-Lynn Gambino

  • Above the Nico Yektai bench are two Art Brut works by Martin Ramirez and a cluster of smaller works on paper by master artists- two Franz Klines, a Jackson Pollock, and a Barnett Newman.

    At Home With Art 1999, Estelle Ellis, Caroline Seebohm, Christopher Simon Sykes

  • The wood furniture of Nico Yektai, exquisitely crafted and executed...makes news in both form and function. Mr Yektai Shows every promise of becoming a master maker of creative furniture. There is one tiny end table of cherrywood with dovetail joinery and insets... it is an utterly fulfilled piece demonstrating the stringent and uncompromising nature of quality. At the show’s opening on Saturday, the painter Howard Kanovitz bought it.

    The East Hampton Star May, 9, 1996 ,Rose C.S. Slivka

  • Where the conventional furniture maker will apply himself arduously to putting pieces together as smoothly as possible and labour mightily to make surfaces flush where they meet, Mr. Yektai takes the opposite tack. He regards each as “an element of composition within a piece of furniture” and unabashedly emphasizes their very discreetness.

    Southampton Press September 18, 1997 Mary Cummings

  • Several large, compelling sculptures by Nico Yektai underscore a rich imagination. Although initially they seem to have a quirky, art-furniture quality, the lasting impression comes from their tendency to develop a pull between abstract and utilitarian meanings. ''My Gift to Cleopatra,'' a chaise-shaped assembly of wooden elements, is a no-holds-barred fantasy that is astonishing in the way it structures exacting positions for each segment of cushions, risers and supports.

    The New York Times May 2 1999, Phyllis Braff

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