This series of modern pedestal tables is an expression of what is possible in a small package.  I like to push new ground with these pieces and I will often use them to prove an idea.  If the idea works out then I feel the confidence to tackle larger pieces.  An example of this is the relationship between Pedestal Table #3 and Dining Table #2.  The 20" table helped to clarify the system.  Now that I was confident I could invest more time and materials with confidence.  The same relationship is possible between these tables and other pieces for your home.  They can serve as inspiration for  pieces like a contemporary glass end table of other modern wood end tables.
pedestal table 3 with manoucher yektai painting
curved glass top and bent maple strethers in an end table
Pedestal Table #9
Maple and Glass, 30"H x 20"W x 20"D
solid maple end table handmade by Nico Yektai
Pedestal Table #8
Maple, 30"H x 20"W x 20"D
sculptural white oak end table
Pedestal Table #5
White Oak, 30"H x 20"W x 20"D