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Modern Tables & Contemporary Tables presented as Functional Sculpture

A 10' dining table and a 20" end table both conjure up the same expectations of a usable surface- the very essence of a table.  My work has evolved to satisfy that function but challenging the viewers expectations along the way.  Table tops are often pierced, boards shift to interrupt the flat plane and shapes squash and elongate from their geometric starting point.  The under structure of the table is addressed in the same way and I consider it my purpose to integrate the legs into the form of the table.  I do not want the top to be placed on the legs so I have attempted to resolve this desire by moving the legs to the outside edge of the table where they can be seen and then bringing them up to the surface of the table and beyond.  This defines my approach to the modern table as sculptural object.  The exciting thing about this approach to contemporary custom furniture is that your home, choice in woods and needs help start me off in a new direction.  Select a table from the grid above or click on any of the category links for an overview of Coffee, Dining, Console and  Pedestal Tables.