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Social Manifesto

I have been active with social media for the past few years. I strive for a balance between posting interesting and inspiring content and a smattering of shameless self-promotion. I like to keep it professional and a little bit personal.  The one thing I can promise is that you will not be overwhelmed  with millions of posts or tweets, but if you want to engage in design related topics I'm all for it I look forward to connecting with you!
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Follow me on twitter for the latest on projects and other stories from my studio.
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My fan page is a great place to catch up with new pieces and other happenings from the studio.
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I am new to Google+. So far I am liking what I am seeing and I plan on adding content at a rapid pace.
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I am not the most active on this platform but I have been on it longer than any off the others. If it is your platform of choice join my network.
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I am just starting out on Pinterest, but I like what I see. A fabulous visual resource that will allow me to organize some of the interesting furniture and design related images that I find on the web
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If you are one of the 45,000 designers and architects that use the platform please know that you can add my products to your project manager. If you are not on Modenus have a look
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Archello allows people and companies to share their experience in the built environment.
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Houzz seems to be striving for role as industry standard with their large user-base and slick iPad app. You will find many of my pieces ready to add to your ideabooks!