Modern Online Furniture Catalog: 360° View

Welcome to the 3D Gallery. I have looked at the best online furniture stores and online furniture catalogs in an effort to understand what made them so effective. At their best they gave the viewer the tools to understand the piece of furniture that they were looking at. The sites all offered some version of the zoom and pan feature so that the viewer could look at the piece in a slightly more interactive way. This is a nice idea, but not quite right for my work. My work is composed in the round and as a result the best way to understand all of the levels of intricacy is to view it in person. I had seen smaller objects that were presented in the round as annoying animations that constantly rotated. This device felt wrong for my art furniture so I hesitated to pursue it.

I had a chance encounter at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show with a online furniture shopping consultant who’s specialty was a modern approach to online furniture sales. He was very cryptic about the specifics of his recommendations to his clients, but I got the idea that he was frustrated that they were not adopting his suggestions to use the new technologies to display furniture online. I decided right then and there to pursue the 360° viewers that I knew existed. This meant that I would need to build a 6 foot rotary table. I have always done my own photography so I would be able to set it up and experiment. The results can be viewed on this page. Each piece is photographed 32 times and then knitted together via a viewer that allows you to rotate the piece with your mouse or with your finger if on an iPad or iPhone. You control the rotation so you can create and environment of discovery!
detail of curved oak end table
handmade oak end table
Pedestal Table #5
White Oak 30"H x 20"W x 20"D

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funky wood bench in solid wood
Shifting Slab Bench
Sapele 18"H x 60"L x 21"D

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cherry,cast concrete and colored ash for a corner
Corner Piece #3 cherry
Cherry 60"H x 18"W x 18"D

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shifting staggered solid wood bench
Outdoor Bench #1b
Sapele 17"H x 81"W x 21"D

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cast concrete and mahogany combined in a sculptural bench
Outdoor Bench #3b
Mahogany and Cast Concrete 17"H x 84"W x 22"D

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maple end table featuring steam bent curves
Pedestal Table #8
Maple 30"H x 20"W x 20"D

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handmade maple chair with curved back
Chair #4
Maple and Upholstery 34"H x 18"W x 20"D

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curved glass and bent solid wood end taable
Pedestal Table #9
MAple and Glass 30"H x 20"W x 20"D

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modern bench with back
Outdoor Bench #5
Sapele and Cast Concrete 28"H x 72"W x 22"D

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Bench #5 Series #2
Sapele, White Cast Concrete and Stainless Steel 29"H x 67"W x 18"D

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creative use of dovetails in a sculptural table
Curved Dovetail Console Table
Sapele and Glass 38"H x 70"W x 15"D

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handmade modern desk in maple
Desk #2
Maple 31H x 68"W x 26"D

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bent oxidized sapele and clear glass combine in a modern table
Cocktail Table
Sapele and Glass 20"H x 62"W x 32D

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