Modern Dining Tables, Handcrafted by Nico Yekat:

The modern contemporary dining table is a subject that I can relate too.  Even a small modern round wood dining table has a massive presence by the time I am done with it.  The excitement grows when I work on larger tables.  To date the largest table is a 10' Ash table that is sort of rectangular.  These large tables share much with their smaller cousins.  I prefer to pull the legs out to the edge of the table so that they are visible.  This allows the guests to move their feet freely under the table since they have already found the structurer.  The other advantage for me is that the legs then can become an integral part of the design/construction/composition.  The legs will often poke up above the tables surface completing the interplay between legs, stretchers and table top for a complete work of art.  The best part is that I use the tables in this series to inspire clients to work with me to make the perfect dining table for their home.  This is the best characteristic of handmade dining furniture.
Dining Table #4
Bleached Maple 31"H x 60"W x 60"D

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Dining Table #4 expands on the vocabulary that I established in Dining Table #3 (pictured above). This version of the circular dining table is a bit smaller and lacks the negative space at the center of the other table. This version picks up on the notion of the variation within a slightly deformed circle and extends the notion to the thickness of the table. Now the ins and outs of the tables edge are enhanced by a poetic variation from 2" to 4" in thickness. The result is an even richer tactile experience for the viewer. This is one of the most sculptural tables I have made
Dining Table #2
Ash 31"H x 120"W x 46"D

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Dining Table #2 represents the largest table I have built to date. 10 feet long and a full three inches thick built from solid Ash. The legs of this table evoke a sense of animal movement as if the table were frozen mid step. This unusual movement is transferred to the top of the table by the legs. One pushes up while another stops below the surface. The shape of the top reacts to the presence of the legs making this a table without a separation from legs to top. The final innovation in this table is the joint down the middle. The table can be taken apart to facilitate installation. This violation of the surface of the table is transformed by the raised food service section that straddles the joint. This moment helps deliver a number of unexpected moments as the viewer circles the table.
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