Modern Console Table as Sculptural Subject

The modern console table is an engaging subject for my work.  The defining characteristics of this piece of furniture separate it from all other tables that I make.  In particular It is the the height and the long slender presence that makes the modern hall table such a refreshing subject.  The legs are always long and create lots of room for the sweeping and poetic exchange of the stretchers.  I began my adventure with the unique console table by wrapping that under structure around a wood top.  This choice of material allowed me to blend the table into a singular experience.  From there I began to incorporate different species of wood, mirror and glass.  Each of these additions has added a new chapter to what began as an exploration of the modern wood entryway table.
bent hall table by Nico Yektai in Hamptons gallery
sculpted glass topped hall table
Curved Glass Hall Table
Maple and Low Iron Glass 36"H x 56"W x 20D

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There are a number of innovations for me in this table. The most obvious is in my treatment of the glass surface. I have chosen to work with 3/4” low Iron Glass. The glass is much more clear than regular glass, as can be seen in the lighter green of the massive edge. The shape of the glass is the other major development. The glass is shaped into a major design component of the piece. My other tables make a point of using glass in its most basic form, the rectangle. I feel that the expressive possibilities of the shaped glass are very exciting and I will explore new possibilities in future modern console tables.
massive dovetails in this creative console table
Curved Dovetail Console Table
Sapele and Glass 38"H x 70"W x 15"D

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Every once in a while there is a piece that evolves faster than the others. This is one of those pieces. I found myself working with wood and glass that I had on hand. As a result the piece involved in very unexpected ways. The glass that i had was significantly shorter than the table that I wanted to make. My solution was to dovetail the leg to a massive piece of wood at a 90° angle. The dovetails became a major artistic moment in the composition and the table surface was not the length that I was chasing after. The rest of the composition flew from there and I was delighted with the sculptural results.
glass topped hall table by nico Yektai
Glass Hall Table
Maple and Glass 35"H x 54"W x 15"D

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Sweeping maple curves return to the spotlight in this contemporary console table. The two curves create a wonderful interplay as the viewer moves around the table. The glass top does not obstruct the view and provides a very functional surface that will require almost not maintenance. The legs are sculptural elements that i use to frame the movement of the gestural stretchers.
three leged hall table with poetic curved maple stretchers
Bent Back Hall Table
Ash and Maple 34"H x 60"W x 18"D

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The steam bent maple maple curves are at the heart of the solid wood entry table. The curves act as stretchers but they take on a more modern, decorative, role as they pierce the tables surface. This is the moment of the table and the entire form has evolved from it. I think of this sort of movement as a mountain emerging from a flat plane. I hope to create a balanced composition that has all of the signatures of having been forged by tremendous tectonic energy. This type of moment is at the heart of my structural style.