How much do these pieces cost?
The prices are comparable to other pieces of handmade furniture. In fact the value in these pieces is that they are both better made and presented as signed artwork. Reach out through the contact form and I send you a price list for the pieces you are interested in. Contact
Can I order a piece in a different wood or a different size?
Yes. Please note that every piece I make is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. You will not get the exact same piece in a different wood. You will get an equally unique version of the piece. The new piece will share the same structure and major details but all of the shifts and facets will be composed differently. I like to say that you will receive a piece that is 85% the same as the one that you saw on my website. I am so confident that you will be just as happy with the new version that I will gladly credit you towards another piece if I am wrong.
I really like your unique style, but I do not see the exact piece that I need. Do you make custom pieces?
Absolutely! Custom pieces are at the heart of what i do. Custom orders work as a partnership between you and me. We will discuss the use and location of the proposed piece. We will also figure out which of my existing pieces is closest to your needs and taste. I will then combine all of the information and design the perfect piece for you. If we are talking about a piece that is new I will build a scale model to give you a better idea of what the proposed piece will look like.
How long will it take from the time that I order a piece to delivery?
This is a tough one to answer. My lead time varies from 8 weeks upwards depending on the number of shows that i am getting ready for and the number of pieces in the pipeline. It is best to contact me and describe your project and your needs in terms of turn around. I will always do my best to accommodate. Contact
Are the pieces on your website available for sale?
Many of them are available for immediate shipping. I am constantly making new pieces so I always have work on hand. Please ask about any specific pieces you are interested in. Contact
Do you have a showroom?
No. My business is set up more like an artist with a studio than a manufacturer with a showroom. I am always happy to show clients my work at my studio outside of Sag Harbor, NY. Contact me to make an appointment. Or check the home page for a list of upcoming shows.

Outdoor Pieces:

Will the piece turn gray if I do not maintain the finish?
Yes the piece will turn gray. I have chosen a finish that is very easy to maintain but if you choose to let it go gray it will do so gracefully. By that I mean that the finish I use will not crack or peel. It will simply fade away until it is completely gone. The underlying woods in my outdoor pieces can survive for many years even after they go gray. Your choice!
How do I refresh the finish on one of your outdoor pieces?
The process is very simple because of the finish that I have chosen to use. SIKKENS Cetol 1 in Natural to be exact. Read more and watch the video Here