Dining Table #2
Ash 31"H x 120"W x 46"D

Modern Dining Table in Ash with Dynamic Asymmetrical Composition

This dining table has a massive presence due to its size and it unusual details.  The legs of the table are pulled to the outside and play with the edge as they make their presence known.  The legs add a tremendous amount of movement to the table as they seemingly are frozen mid step.  Yes the table appears to be in motion, like an animal on the prowl.  This dynamic quality is carried throughout the table in a series of sweeping edge details that are characteristic of Yektai's work.  The unusual approach to a large dining table comes to a full realization in the elevated service area in the center of the table.  This area serves the function of taking the abuse of candle wax ect. while providing a very unusual moment in the composition of the table providing unexpected function.
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